If you’re a leader who wants to increase productivity, performance, and profitability through greater employee engagement and commitment, this podcast is for you.

Alex Bratty, founder of Happiness @ Work and The Positive Leadership Movement, shows you exactly how to leverage the competitive advantage of a positive work culture. Plus, all the tools and resources she shares have been scientifically-tested so you’re only ever getting a proven path to successful leadership.

Join Alex for value-packed episodes where she shares how to use positive leadership practices to overcome challenges and take your organization from doing okay or good to flourishing.

How to Boost Employee Confidence & Your Positive Work Culture

Join us as we share a simple technique that can help you and your team to become more confident, capable, and creative at work. Not only that, but this model helps foster a sustainable positive work environment.

Episode #14: What’s Your Personal Leadership Philosophy & Why Do You Need One?

If you don’t already have a specific leadership philosophy, it’s time to develop one. As leaders, we face complicated situations every day. Having a personal philosophy, that is firmly rooted in your values and beliefs means that you always have a lens through which you can make your decisions. Basically, it’s gonna simplify leadership for you, and who doesn’t want that?

Episode #13: Why Positive Energy Matters and How You Can Grow it in Your Organization

Join us as we dive into the benefits of positive energy and how you can cultivate this in your organization so that you have higher performing teams, less turnover, and greater employee engagement.

Episode #12: How to Set, Achieve, & Exceed Goals of Pure Excellence

Yes, I know everyone knows the old SMART goal strategy, and we’ve all set and achieved goals in the past, but Goals of Pure Excellence are different. Discover what sets them apart, and how pursuing these types of goals can also propel you and your organization way ahead of the competition.

Episode #11: 5 Ways to Stay Positive Among a Negative Leadership Team

In this episode, you’ll discover how to be a positive leader even if you’re surrounded by negativity. Alex shares five steps that help you cope with the situation AND the ways you can turn it around so you’re successfully inviting your team to join your positivity. Tune in to find out exactly how.

Episode #10: How to Increase Employee Engagement in 4 Simple Steps

Join us as we discuss why employee engagement matters so much, exactly what engaged employees do that adds so much value, why most efforts to increase employee engagement don’t work. And, importantly, how you can avoid those mistakes, and instead, successfully increase the engagement level of your employees now and over the long run.

Episode #9: How to Create a Positive Culture that Produces Sustained Success

Discover the three crucial elements you need to make your positive culture shift a sustainable success that provides you with greater performance and productivity for years to come. Without these in place, your culture change may be short-lived and cited as a cautionary tale for future organizational initiatives!

Episode #8: How to Create a Positive Culture & Overcome Resistance to Change

If you want to create a more positive culture so that your whole organization is flourishing, this episode provides the foundational steps you need to take to make sure employees are ready for change and that you’re addressing any resistance to it. If you don’t lay this groundwork, your culture shift could crash before it even takes off!

Episode #7: How to Deliver Negative Feedback as a Positive Leader

Contrary to what some people believe about positive leadership – that it’s all smiles, rainbows, and unicorns – positive leaders absolutely have to deliver negative feedback so they can elevate teams to new levels of excellence. But how do we do that effectively without jeopardizing positive relationships? Tune in to find out!

Episode #6: The Power of Positive Relationships in Organizations

In this episode, you’ll discover why cultivating positive relationships is a crucial pillar in building any high-performing organization, and the proven pathways for developing positive relationships and more effective communication in your organization. Plus, we’ll discuss how you can leverage this powerful resource to not only increase employee satisfaction, but customer satisfaction and relations, as well.

Episode #5: The Key to Unleashing Your Organization’s Full Potential

Discover why focusing on the good and taking a strengths-based approach to leadership produces extraordinary results. We’ll discuss how to identify your own strengths and the strengths of your employees…and, most importantly, how to leverage those strengths so you can reach new levels of excellence and achievement.

Episode #4: What Does it Take to be a Positive Leader?

What exactly is a positive leader? HINT: a positive leader is not some special kind of person who is born. Anyone can be a positive leader if they make the decision to do so. We’ll discuss the practices that positive leaders engage in to create positive organizations that are flourishing and producing extraordinary results; and of course, how can YOU be a positive leader who gets those top results, and work with your teams to foster more productivity and performance.

Episode #3: The #1 Untapped Resource in Organizations.

Discover the #1 untapped resource in organizations that most leaders are unwittingly missing out on. We’ll discuss the profound power of this resource…and, how you can immediately start leveraging this resource in your organization.

Episode #2: Why Does Positive Leadership Work?

In this episode, you’ll discover what makes positive leadership work. And, why is that when led by positive leaders, employees and organizations thrive and reach exceptional levels of achievement? Plus, we talk about how you can start implementing some positive leadership practices that are super simple yet have a profound impact.

Episode #1: What is Positive Leadership & Why Does it Even Matter?

You’ll discover exactly what positive leadership is and more importantly, why it matters. Why should you even care to practice positive leadership? There are so many myths out there about positive leadership that we need to debunk them, so we can actually get to the juicy content of how positive leadership can help you and your organization.

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