If you’re a leader who wants to increase productivity, performance, and profitability through greater employee engagement and commitment, this podcast is for you.

Alex Bratty, founder of Happiness @ Work and The Positive Leadership Movement, shows you exactly how to leverage the competitive advantage of a positive work culture. Plus, all the tools and resources she shares have been scientifically-tested so you’re only ever getting a proven path to successful leadership.

Join Alex for value-packed episodes where she shares how to use positive leadership practices to overcome challenges and take your organization from doing okay or good to flourishing.

Episode #1: What is Positive Leadership & Why Does it Even Matter?

You’ll discover exactly what positive leadership is and more importantly, why it matters. Why should you even care to practice positive leadership? There are so many myths out there about positive leadership that we need to debunk them, so we can actually get to the juicy content of how positive leadership can help you and your organization.

Episode #2: Why Does Positive Leadership Work?

In this episode, you’ll discover what makes positive leadership work. And, why is that when led by positive leaders, employees and organizations thrive and reach exceptional levels of achievement? Plus, we talk about how you can start implementing some positive leadership practices that are super simple yet have a profound impact.

Episode #3: The #1 Untapped Resource in Organizations.

Discover the #1 untapped resource in organizations that most leaders are unwittingly missing out on. We’ll discuss the profound power of this resource…and, how you can immediately start leveraging this resource in your organization.

Episode #4: What Does it Take to be a Positive Leader?

What exactly is a positive leader? HINT: a positive leader is not some special kind of person who is born. Anyone can be a positive leader if they make the decision to do so. We’ll discuss the practices that positive leaders engage in to create positive organizations that are flourishing and producing extraordinary results; and of course, how can YOU be a positive leader who gets those top results, and work with your teams to foster more productivity and performance.

Episode #5: The Key to Unleashing Your Organization’s Full Potential

Discover why focusing on the good and taking a strengths-based approach to leadership produces extraordinary results. We’ll discuss how to identify your own strengths and the strengths of your employees…and, most importantly, how to leverage those strengths so you can reach new levels of excellence and achievement.

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How to Leverage the Science of Happiness to Increase Performance, Productivity, and Profitability

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