Workplace Culture

Organizational culture can enhance performance, productivity, and retention—but only if everyone understands it and lives it. We help you to identify your organization’s existing and desired future culture, and we work with you to develop a strategy to bridge the gap. Using evidence-based methods, we support leaders and organizations with various aspects of culture and organizational development.

Employee Engagement

Employee Job Satisfaction

Team Communication

Strengths-Based Workplace

Talent & Leadership Development

Workplace Well-Being

Workshops & Training

We offer in-person or virtual workshops, training sessions, and presentations that are designed to foster engagement and productivity for a flourishing workplace. We collaborate with you to make sure that each session or talk is customized to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Evaluating Culture

Asking questions to understand attitudes and behavior is at the heart of everything we do.

Through use of research strategies and consultation, we apply a 5-step proven process to help you tackle even the most pressing problems:

1. Listen, clarify, and assess to define and understand the issues.

2. Establish goals and define the metrics for success.

3. Support implementation of solutions.

4. Measure the outcomes and evaluate effectiveness.

5. Embed successful strategies to navigate future challenges.

Research Strategies

With over 20 years of experience and training, we have conducted thousands of research studies. We know exactly which approach will work for your particular need. Here are the various resources we can use to develop the strategy you need.


Online Surveys

Telephone Surveys

Mixed Modal Surveys

Panel Surveys

Mail Surveys

Text-Based Surveys


In-Person Focus Groups

Online Focus Groups

Bulletin Board Discussion Groups

Dial Groups

In-Depth Interviews

Journal Studies

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