Proof Positive: What is Positive Leadership & Why Does it Even Matter?

Even though I host a podcast about Positive Leadership, and I wrote a book about How to Leverage the Science of Happiness to Improve Performance, I don’t expect you to take my word for it.

I’m here to share tried, tested, and scientifically-validated evidence of the power Positive Leadership can have on your organization’s bottom line.

Read on to discover the ways positive leadership strategies can turn-around and transform your organization. To eliminate all doubt, I’ll clearly define positive leadership and debunk the myths. If you care about increasing profits, productivity and employee engagement, you’re reading the right blog.

Let’s start by going straight to the source, where results meet the road.

Back in Black

An injection of positive leadership brought a hospital back from the brink. Diagnosed with million dollar losses and a downsizing of epidemic proportions, the facility bounced back with a multi-million dollar profit and was recognized as one of Forbes 100 Best Places to Work in the top 5% of distinguished hospitals for clinical excellence, exhibiting a 71% lower patient mortality rate.

Mixing Oil & Water

The attributes of positive leadership are credited with integrating the diverse company cultures of Cigna Retirement and Prudential while retaining 98% of clients and increasing employee satisfaction. The bottom line also increased 20%.

$100 Million Turn-Around

For an encore, the same CEO applied similar positive leadership practices to another prudential company by turning an $80 million deficit into a $20 million profit in one year!

Who captured these results? Kim Cameron is the man behind the measurement. His research provides data beyond doubt that positive leadership strategies work. You can read more about his work in, Positive Leadership: Strategies for Extraordinary Performance.

Myths Debunked

Just as you need to implement positive leaderships strategies correctly to realize results, you need to have the correct definition. Let’s start by defining what Positive Leadership is NOT:

– Smiles & Rainbows  

Positive leadership is not only looking on the bright side.

–  Wearing Rose Tinted Spectacles

Positive leadership is not hiding behind reckless optimism.

– Loosey-Goosey Work Culture

Positive leadership is not all fun and games.

Positive Leadership Defined

According to Kim Cameron, positive leadership includes three keys areas:

1. Extraordinary Performance: engaging in deliberate behaviors that set individuals and organizations apart to become extraordinary in what they do

2. A Strengths-Based Approach: focus on nurturing strengths instead of fixing weakness.

3. Doing What’s Right…because It’s the Right Thing To Do

For a deeper dive into this discussion, I invite you to listen to my podcast entitled, What is Positive Leadership & Why Does It Even Matter?

My next blog will explain why employees and organizations thrive under positive leadership. In the meantime, if you have any questions, send me a note at [email protected]

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